An Epidemic of Vaping


      Vaping has been increasing rapidly in the past decade for teens due to many reasons. Teens don't think vaping is harmful which is a main reason why there's an epidemic. According to Maggie Fox from NBC News, she states, "Teens and adults alike mistakenly think vaping is harmless, pediatricians and educators have discovered" (Fox). When users underestimate the problems they can eventually face in the future, it gives them a reason to keep on vaping. Users don't think about how every time they vape, it affects their body in the long run. Another reason why there's an epidemic of teens vaping is of all the flavors available. People want to try a certain flavor, which if they enjoy it, they most likely will try other flavors. It's a domino effect, in which they can continue vaping and most likely share it with another person. According to Roni Selig, et al, from CNN, they state "Analysts point out that flavors like tutti frutti, cotton candy and sour gummy worms are likely to attract some younger users to e-cigarettes" (Selig). By having teens start off young in vaping, they'll only get more and more addicted to it as they age because of all the flavors available. With different flavors becoming more abundant, the number of teens who vape will only continue to increase nationwide.

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