Who are we?

The Students Against Vaping committee is a group of students who attend Methuen High school located at 1 Ranger Rd, Methuen, MA. We are doing the AP with WE science fair project in hopes of helping out the community. The way we will achieve this is by supplying information about vaping. We hope to make an impact on someone's life if they read what we have to say.


The goal

Our way of providing for the community is to educate the people and to try to persuade anyone who currently vapes to stop.





With our tabs containing information, we provide the readers with excellent knowledge as to why a person should not vape. 


  • What is vaping?
  • The Effects of Vaping
  • How is Vaping Addictive?
  • An Epidemic of Vape
  • Solutions

Become Vape Free Today!

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