Students Against Vaping 

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Down below are different topics having to deal with vaping.




We have together, as a team, come up with a set of solutions for people struggling with this perilous epidemic. We included a wide variety of options for people, with hope that it will reach them and make a difference in their lives. The effects and dangers of vaping should be a concern to everyone, and is why we...

Vaping is a recently introduced alternative to smoking cigarettes. Hitting stores in 2007, vaping has become increasingly more popular over the years. A vape is an electronic cigarette also known as an e-cigarette. It contains a liquid chemical form of nicotine that was originally thought to be less harmful than regular cigarettes. However, newer...

Vaping affects the body by putting harmful chemicals into it. Flavored vape juices have more harmful chemicals in them than non-flavored. Many are attracted to flavored vape as compared to non-flavored vape, especially young adults. Flavored vape juices include cancer causing chemicals. Formaldehyde, a substance used as an antiperspirant to treat...

Vaping involves chemicals, one of them being Nicotine. Nicotine is a toxic yellowish liquid, and is often used as an active component of tobacco. Nicotine is also found in cigarettes, and is known to be addictive. Yes, vape hasn't really been considered "addictive," however it has shown to push teens into future addiction. It has even been proven...

Join Us in Our Fight Against Vaping

With our knowledge, we hope to make the world a better place with more people knowing the dangers of vaping.
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